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Your Cubical, Your Story.The Smart home.

Dear House No 32,

This is house number 29, the one right at the end of the street you are in. I got to know that you too will soon join our ‘Cubical smart home’ club! Welcome! Now I know this might sound like a scary idea as of now. Reconstruction and rewiring are terms we like to stay off, even though our owners love it. Well, I really don’t like to be messed around much too and the Cubical folks understood this well. When they mentioned rewiring, it gave me chills. Fortunately they were just mentioning “NO” rewiring is required. Their product seamlessly merged into me as if it has always been there.

My IQ level has increased by folds. It now takes just a few taps on their smart phones to control and schedule the electronic appliances fixed to me. I am now in touch with my owners even when they are off to work or on a vacation. They keep checking on me through Live IP feed cameras.Also, there are no instances of them returning frustrated to switch off the electric appliances or garage door they left open.I have an inkling that they now look forward to coming back home much more since now the lighting and music are both set to welcome them.

The best part is they like showing me off in front of their friends and family. Believe me, Cubical is the best thing that can happen to you.

Look forward to you joining the Cubical smart home club.

House Number 29

A Happy Smart Home

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