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Automated Homes

Automated Homes

Remember how the technology of automated homes in sci-fi movies seemed so alluring? What if we told you that the dreams of yesterday are the reality of today? Home automation is scaling new heights on an exponential basis. Business endeavours like builders, security, hotels etc. have revamped their perspective and merged the services with home automation for a state of the art service to the end customer.

Majority of people are still under the notion that such fancy tech is bound to burn a hole in their pocket but with the help of Cubical Labs, home automation is expanding its horizon to every household in the country at economical prices. The new technology places the control at user’s fingertips and contributes in saving money from every nook and corner. Wonder how? Cubical products unify with pre-existing switches and appliances which allows the user to operate them via smartphone while keeping a tab on the power consumption. Real-time readings of consumed power enable the user to comprehensively operate devices and keep a watch over their monthly bills. It is also crucial on an industrial scale as factories and plants. In such large setups, it is imperative to monitor the consumption of power by different appliances with overall power grid so that detection of the error is instantaneous and useless expenses can be deteriorated. Consumption along with the output of new technology like Solar Panel assists the company in recognizing probable sites for efficiency improvement. Automation eliminates the factor of excessive usage as well as wastage of energy. With the help of scheduling and systematic reports, you can identify the potential avenues for conserving energy in your home as well as analysing monthly/daily reports.

Smart Automated Homes are not only responsible for increasing efficiency, energy saving and security, they even contribute in reducing financial expenses as well as educate the customers about their appliances. The intersection of the Internet of Things and Energy conservation is an integral part of home automation and it increases the convenience of the customer while minimizing overall expenditure on electricity bills.

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