Cubical Labs | FAQ
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Do I have to change my switchboard?

No, we provide you with a complete retrofit solution. The Cubical switch goes right behind your existing switchboards without any additional rewiring.

Does your product require any extra wiring?

No, our product does not require any kind of extra wiring and is perfectly compatible with your existing switchboards.

Will configuring too many Cubical devices load up on my Wi-Fi router?

No, Cubical Master is the central processing unit for entire home automation that is connected to every switch module, hence the Wi-Fi router doesn’t get any additional load. Also, our switch modules work on mesh network technology and the signal hops from one Cubical device to another without loading up at a single point.

Can I integrate my existing cameras with your product?

We can integrate your wireless IP cameras with our product.

Do I need to pay any maintenance charge for the system?

For the first year, we provide you with free premium support and guarantee. For the second and the third year, you can extend the warranty period further using an AMC of 11% per year. For the fourth year and further, 17% per year will be applicable.

How Foolproof is Cubical Security ?

Cubical insures that your home is safe all the time. Our Motion detectors come with a proximity sensors to make sure it can detect any covering over it. The Door Sensors have inbuilt magnetometer to detect any change in the magnetic field and thus cant be fools with a magnet. All our security products keep up an active communication that makes them jammer proof.

Will my mechanical switches stop working with your product?

No, the mechanical switches will continue to function even after you install our product in your house.

Do I require internet access to use your application?

We integrate our product with your existing Wi-Fi router. In order to run the mobile application inside your house, you will not require internet connection. For controlling your house from outside, you would need internet on your mobile phone as well as inside your house.

Where should I place the Cubical Master in my house?

The Cubical Master is a completely retrofit product. Ideally it should be placed centrally inside the house within the range of the Wi-Fi router.

What all devices can be dimmed?

Dimming is possible in fans as well as lights. For lights, we suggest our customers to get dimming feature for halogen bulbs, incandescent bulbs and dimmable LED(s) which are available in the market.

How many heavy devices can I get automated with one Cubical switch?

You can control upto one heavy device with every Cubical switch.

How do you classify appliances as heavy devices?

All appliances which come with a rating greater than 650 W are considered as heavy devices. Devies such as AC, geysers and refrigerators fall under this category.

How many cameras can you integrate with your product?

For every Cubical Master, we can integrate upto two wireless IP cameras. We limit the number of cameras because we do not intend to impose unnecessary load on your Wi-Fi network by adding more independent devices.

What if someone hacks into my Wi-Fi?

We are constantly driven to provide you with the best and safest solution. The encryption used by our protocol is the AES 128 bit which is the same as in any credit card transaction.

Does your device operate with Dynamic or Static IP?

Our device can be configured with both Static as well as Dynamic IP.

What happens if I forget my password?

In case you forget your password, you can always reach us at our helpline – 011- 49055930.

What is the range of cubical motion detector?

Cubical Motion is capable of detecting motion in your entire room and has a range of 12 meter.

What possible ways are there to access Cubical Smart door locks?

Cubical Smart door locks can be accessd via – App, Biometrics , Passcode and a mechanical key as well.

How accurate is your energy analysis feature?

Our energy analysis is in sync with the original energy consumption in your house. Our device functions on current sensing technology and the data obtained is the most accurate figure .

How do I setup your product?

We provide you services at your doorstep. We have our team of installation personnel who will do the setup and integration for you, at no more additional cost.

How many appliances can be controlled with your product?

For every Cubical Master, we can integrate upto 20 Cubical switches which essentially provides you control of upto 120 appliances with a latency of 200ms.

Can your device be easily accommodated behind the switch panel?

Yes, our device has been designed taking into consideration the spacing behind your switch board and fits easily behind the panel.

Will all my fan regulators be compatible with the system?

Certain older models of fan regulators may have incompatibilities with the system. We suggest you to either permanently turn off regulators in switch board or use the capacitive regulators recommended by us.

Can Cubical also help me in storing the recording of the IP wireless security cameras?

The Cubical Master has an internal memory of 8GB that is reserved for system usage. In addition to this, we can expand the storage upto 32GB using the external USB drive storage.

Can I share the Cubical App with my family members?

Yes, you can use the same set of login credentials across multiple devices for simultaneous control.

What happens to the state of the appliances when power resumes after an outage?

The current state of the appliances remains the same when the power resumes after an outage. The Master will store the states in the memory and they will be displayed exactly as left earlier.

How many switches can be dimmed with your device?

All six switches can be dimmed with the Cubical Hex switch controller.

Will all of my curtain motors be compatible with the Cubical system?

Cubical only supports the integration of switch based AC curtain motors. Two basic actions can be provided – full separation and full closure.

What is the expected battery life for Cubical Sensors and Detectors ?

With cubical products you dont need to worry about changing the batteries at all as they come with a long battery life of 3 years. So fit it and forget it !