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A Smart Home, Just For You!

With a single tap, control and manage your appliance across the globe!

Smart Scenes

You can save personalized moods and set the perfect ambience for your home whenever you want with a blink of an eye.

Smart Schedules

Let Cubical take care of your daily schedule and never worry about missing an important taskSet multiple schedules to your appliances with a long press action and always be on the go!

Unified Control

The organized interface makes things work like a charm and you get used to the new control in no time. With a single tap, you can turn an appliance on or off across the globe!

Soft Dimming

Cubical comes with patented dimming technology allowing you to set the brightness of your dimmable lights on a calibrated scale with a smooth transition. This not only saves a significant amount of electricity but also improves your home’s aesthetics.


Unlike any other smart home solution, with Cubical you get to experience the feasibility of great control with just a swing of your hand. Multiple gesture support allows you to change scenes, set perfect mood lights and turn off all the appliances in a room at once.

Motion Control

More than security, Cubical motion detector can also be used to trigger motion-based lightning saving both effort and a significant amount of energy.

DIY & Smart Shift

Extended login powered via Cube -OS allows you to connect multiple smart homes over the same mobile application. Not only that but our DIY feature lets you organize the appliances in your app and make minor changes.


Always stay updated and never miss an important update about your home. CuBot, A swift alert tool that notifies users about any activity on their registered appliances via Facebook messenger.


The organized interface makes things work like a charm and you get used to the new control in no time. With a single tap, you can turn an appliance on or off across the globe!


Control your lights from anywhere in the world and turn them on, off or dim them to set the lighting according to your mood.


Get the best ever seamless control to your fan’s speed through our app, voice and your conventional regulators at the same time.Our fan control comes with both capacitive and standard dimming that gives you smooth fan control unlike any other.


No need to pull hard-to-reach curtains with strings that get tangled up! Now control your curtains with just a tap or voice command and create a relaxed, comfortable and convenient living environment.


Control your infrared based appliances such as air conditioner, television and entertainment systems right from your smartphone! Cubical Aura helps mimicking the remotes on your Cubical smartphone application.



Save Energy. Save Money


Our easy-to-understand UI will let you take complete control of all your home appliances. Tap the different icons for On/off, long press for dimming, set timers and voila!! Watch your home transform with a single touch on your smartphone.

Cubical Home Automation India Smartphone app remote control light automate app energy analytic

The advanced operating system designed specifically for home IoT enabling all the smart appliances to work together in harmony to deliver an exceptional experience.

RF based & engineered especially for your smart home, this low bandwidth and battery efficient protocol has the ability to make any appliance smart.

The certificate for smartness, this platform allows OEMs to integrate their devices with CubeOS or Cube-R. Check for this certificate before you buy smart appliances for your Cubical Smart Home.