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Your Cubical, your story. The Techie.

your-cubical-your-story-the-techie.Rahul Kapoor, Anything for emotions!

I’m an IT professional in this fast moving metropolitan city. Its an era of competition and innovation. I cannot really waste time. I have a penchant for smart neat and fast devices. The latest device to not only catch my attention but amaze me to rounds is the Cubical smart home automation and security systems. Here are some d the things that work best for me.

There is no need to rewire the entire house. Just a box and a few fittings behind the switchboards. Now that is a brilliant idea I think.
no longer have to spend my time doing the same mundane repetitive tasks. I don’t have to wake up and wait for my water heater to do its job, it does it all by itself, thanks to the scheduling feature I like moving fast and it keeps up with me effortlessly. I just tap away on my smartphone, the rest is done in seconds.
the ingenious analytics platform. It lets me monitor the electricity usage of every -room on every day of the week.
I can set the lights and music according to my mood. Bringing my friends home is no trouble either. I can walk in my house with party lights on and great music playing and leave them wondering how did I manage to do that?!
the camera feed is an added bonus. Whether I am working late or away for a week¬nd trip, i guard my den quite
Is economical. One would think that with this many features, it is bound to be heavy n the pocket. It’s not. It’s as light as my worry free head after getting it installed at ty place. Plus, I am keeping a count of how much time and big bucks its saving me! al in all. Cubical is now this hassle free smart part of my life that works according to my whims.

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