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Your Cubical, your story. The Pet.

Ever since those guys came over and fixed this white box on that wall near the fridge, there have been some changes in master and this home. He now gets up a bit late and does not rush around the house to switch on the water pump and geyser. He also doesn’t double check for the AC, lights and doors before leaving for his work.

I now know when my master is about to come back from work as the lights flick open, the music starts playing and the water geyser starts heating. Now, I and home both are ready for him when he arrives.

The other day, I was sleeping on the shelf when suddenly the coffee brewer started whooshing away. I swear there was nobody. It scared the beezus out of me. I later got to know that master can switch on and off all the electric appliances from any part of the home, even when he is not at home.

My favorite white rug has been taken off the sofa and is now off-limits for me. It took me a few misadventures around the house to figure out he can record videos from the IP cameras and watch them to know what I have been up to. Earlier I always had the benefit of doubt, now I am in trouble often.

There have been upside of this box too. Sometimes when I am moving around the house bored and gazing at the TV, it flicks open on its own. I can then enjoy and jump around with those people on it. Also, I sleep more peacefully, since I know the irritating intruders I have to bark at are also being watched over by him.

I am adjusting to my life with the Cubical quite okay (I still miss my favorite rug) , but my master seems to love it.

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