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Your Cubical, your story. The retired man.

Dear Son,

Your campaign to convert your old man to a tech-savvy dad seems to be catching on. Not only I am typing you an email instead of writing a letter, but I am writing to tell you how glad I am that you fixed our home with this little box of Cubical. When you first suggested of setting this up at our place, to make our home “smart, automated, wireless and secure”, I had my doubts. So many of them. The small smart complicated stuff has a way of getting on my nerves but this is something completely different. It’s UI is clean, intuitive and simple to access.

After years of simply abhorring to get up early and doing the same old mundane morning tasks like switching on the water pump and geyser, switching off the night lamp (you know my morning drill), I have finally found nirvana with this app you got installed on my phone. I now sleep through those extra minutes comfortably and wake up only when I catch a whiff of cocoa seeds from the coffee maker (which now knows at what time I like my coffee).

I now have a control on all the electric appliances – light, fan, AC, all of them, the kind of control I wish I had over you kids! I need not get up and strain my weak old knees while watching TV and simply tap away my orders. Also, this fear of forgetting something is also so much better. I now check on any part of the house whenever I want to. But it is the analytics platform that is my favorite, the electricity bill reduced by 15% this week, all because Cubical kept notifying me throughout.

I sleep more peacefully, now that I know that you are monitoring our home too. After years of me watching out for you, I feel ecstatic that you are now watching out for your old man. Thank you son for this wonderful gift and God bless the Cubical folks for this amazing product!


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