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UI and you

As far as the customer is concerned, the interface is the product.

– Jef Raskin, HCI expert for Mac

An interface is a set of commands and menus through which a user communicates with a product. Consider the user interface as your wish-granting factory.2

With the new Cubical app you can now connect to your Cubical Master units from anywhere in the world, control devices that are configured on your Cubical Master unit, view real time energy usage information on your devices, remotely view your home through connected IP Cameras and schedule tasks.1Read on to find out how we have made sure the owner of this factory, that is you,  will have an easy and great time managing it.

We know what you are looking for!

.We have created normalcy out of chaos. The interface is designed in a way that allows the user to focus on what is most important. The size, color, and placement of each element work together, creating a clear path to understanding our interface. We have made sure tapping away your wishes is as simple as commanding a genie to fulfill them!4

We speak your language!

Every pixel, every icon, every typeface matters and so does your comfort. We have kept things conversational, yet sensational. Clear and concise labels for actions and simple messages are provided. The interface won’t talk as your obdurate boss but as your buddy.

You won’t even know it’s there!
It’s simpler to create complex interfaces but so complex to simplify them. So we have complexly created a simple interface. They do not contain any UI-bling or unnecessary elements. The necessary elements are succinct and make sense. At every stage we have asked ourselves, “Can this be made any more simple to use?”  If yes, we have taken the long route to make sure you will have the best of experience with our interface.

We will keep pushing ourselves in this endeavor to provide you the perfect experience through your feedback and experiences.  We will make sure you always have reasons to gush about how revolutionary our interface is. For sure.

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